Taller ADG is an architecture and design practice based in Mexico City, work on any scale and typology to create a positive impact through each project.

The workshop

ADG was established as a workshop by its founder Alonso de Garay/he regards his work as an open-ended learning process, with the same dedication and passion that must be devoted to art, seeking for sensibleness in each project. Taller ADG is mainly dedicated to architectural projects with social impact. ADG values each stage of the creative process, which begins with research (historical, environmental and architectural), considering issues of urbanism, sustainability, landscape, interior design and graphic identity, working with technology for construction in a single virtual model (BIM), and collaborating with national and international consultants; through to post-occupation analysis and documentation. ADG has experience in different typologies and scales/the interventions in architectural reuse of buildings with artistic and heritage value stand out/there is a particular enthusiasm for the design of educational centers, stadiums and public spaces.

Arquitectura taller ADG
Alonso de Garay TALLER ADG
Practice approach

Taller ADG is comprised of a multidisciplinary team. BIM platform is applied to generate single virtual models, which are informed on a technical level by every aspect of the project, safeguarding the data for visualization and analysis until the construction is completed. The firm is distinguished, on the one hand, by the architectural design of Alonso de Garay, on the other, for the dedication and integration of a workshop.

Arquitectura taller ADG
Taller ADG Arquitectura
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