Project's name

Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium




Mexico City




Rafael Gamo


Collaboration with FGP-Atelier / Francisco González Pulido


Mexico’s main baseball stadium is located in the Magdalena Mixhuca sporting complex, a park initially used in the 1968 Olympics. The park is operated by the Mexico City government and has remained in service for cultural, social, religious and sporting events. The stadium itself has capacity for 13,000 people in covered seating, plus 7,000 more in bleachers. It is home to the Diablos Rojos, the 70-year old baseball team in Mexico City that has won 16 championships.
The home of a triple-A baseball team in the Mexican league is located in a marginal area of Mexico City and inside the formula 1 racetrack. The stadium design strives to soften this contrast. While the stadium does have a VIP area and a series of traditional seating in the upper and lower levels, it also has low-cost seating areas, and the building is designed to integrate into the surrounding public plaza. Lastly, when not in use for games it’s intended to be used as a marketplace by members of the local community, thereby contributing jobs and boosting economic activity in the area.

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